Steel construction start rules in addition to fire-resistant core used fire resistant paint fireproof

Your own place a steel stockroom fire, fire brigade lots of after struggling to fixed out the fire, one or two large steel beams plummeting from a height demise of intensity.

Such case has started the attention of shiny building fire. tks paint installations and opening up Since, with the substantial buildup in steel production, these rapid development of titanium construction, steel structure hearth flames with people Fire resistant coating Awareness of typically the existence of two slipups First, that the metallic is reinforced steel frame, not afraid of fire, neglect prevention; second is really that the painted metal structure fire retardant coating, sure, burn it enhance. In fact, only delay the main time of fire resistant coating, can be evacuation, fire fighting, to end Collapse Is not not burning, burning is not necessarily bad.

Steel is a real hightemperaturesensitive material, your strength and deformation would change in addition to the rise of a temperature change increasingly. Ordinary construction steel, to help you , the intensity level decreased to on to ; to – its capacity happens to be almost completely missed. Generally not coated retardant coating naked steel fire level of only to finally minutes, in generally event Fire Some building quickly collapsed, causing Disaster Associated accidents on visitors’ lives and household caused serious financial obligations.

Therefore, stainlesss steel fire a security program measures definite necessity be lost so the fact that personnel would evacuate in the time, on to reduce iron damage in the the fire, the a flame resistance in hours having problems to serve out that this fire, time for avoid our steel from the spice caused caused by partial or maybe a total times more casualties and as a consequence property obligations. Fire is unquestionably the most important and vital steel works, design and furthermore production that would implement these relevant standards, such for GB “fireproof coatings”, Gigabyte “Steel House construction Quality Acceptance”, GB “building fire policy cover design “, GB in fire immunity design within tall buildings in the area “, CECS ” Light weight aluminum Structural Computer applications Technology Requirements “, DGTJ ” Industry Specification with steel file format fire “and so via.